1/35 US Army radio sets

1/35 US Army radio sets

highly detailed and accurate set

20 resin parts

14 PE parts

decals + wire for assembly

assembly instructions and reference pics on CD and download here: click


Additional set of detailed US radios - not only to be used with our weasel. Set contains Radio set SCR 508  installed and operated in combat vehicles such as tanks, or any other authorized vehicles, Radio set SCR 506  also used in tanks, amphibian trucks, personnel carriers, and other vehicles to provide continuous wave and voice communication from one vehicle to another or between these vehicles and airplanes or base station, and finally SCR 510 Radio set seen often mounted in jeeps and other smaller vehicles. Mast base MP-48 and two pieces of MP-57 are included together with 2 Phantom antennas. Besides these set contains also additional pieces, microphones, phones and all the mountings needed for assembly in any vehicle