Military and railway figures 1/35

We have been working on new  resin figures  recently.  Here are some WIP pictures sculpted by Pavel Švejda. Have a look at his website to see loads of  interesting stuff:   click



1/35  British Scammell Tank Transporter Crew  North Africa    

€9 each or  32 for the set of 4 figures

This figure set was sculpted by  Brazilian artist  Victor Kallahan da Silva Santos, and its being painted by Henri Van Meel, here are a few images of work in progress, in following days we will update with finished painted  figures images. The set is made on basis of period British Pathe documentary, but obviously is not limited to the Scammell tank transporter, the driver can be used for any other British vehicle and the other beuatifully sculpted figures will do compliment to any British North Africa based diorama


single figure or whole set choice




1/35 US Army Tractor driver                                                           €9

Also this one is work in progress painting,  in following days we will update with finished painted  figure images





1/35 Morris C8 Quad crew figure - British crewman "Driver"    €9



1/35 Morris C8 Quad crew figure - British crewman "Observing"  €9



1/35 Morris C8 Quad crew figure - British crewman "Tea Time"  €9




1/35 Civilian Worker with crowbar and tools




1/35 D7 Bulldozer and Tractor crew

Select a figure


D7 tractor and bulldozer crew figures (US military, British Army and civilian)



1/35 US Motorcycle Female Driver

Select a figure



1/35 French Tank Crewmen figures

Select a figure



1/35 Middle Europe civilian figure



1/35 Waiting man  civilian figure



1/35 Canadian Driver

resin figure, 5 optional arms to set position required, 2 optional heads




1/35 Civilian Worker

9 resin parts

4 various arms, axe, shovel, oilcan, 2 PE buckets




1/35 German Locomotive Coaling Man

5 resin parts

This figure fits in any 1/35 German  steam locomotive available at the market, painted in civilian colors can be used for any other purpose




1/35 German Locomotive Conductor

5 resin parts (included optional oilcan)

This figure fits in any 1/35 German locomotive available at the market, Steam or Diesel, and its appearance over all is carefully based on reference photos - also the "beer belly" :-)






Military related range will be introduced  very soon....