1/35 German Hetzer sIG33/2


1/35 German sIG 33/2

highly detailed and accurate conversion model

120 resin parts

350+ PE parts (including shell mounts, ammo cartridges)

+ plastic parts, wires, finely reproduced ammunition and equipment

assembly instructions on CD and download here:  click



Our set  contains full PE details to replace original parts from any plastic kit used as a base, but everyone can choose details required - simply original kit parts can be used for mudguards, side skirts, mounts and holders etc. - or our PE details can be used instead, to create most detailed and eye catching result.

A prototype of 15 cm sIG 33 gun mounted on Hetzer 38(t) chassis was manufactured by BMM after the Summer 1944. Some references say about 30 sIG33/2 self-propelled guns were produced in winter 1944-45 by Alkett Plant in Berlin. The BMM prototype survived the war and was stored for a few years in a small Czech village.

The vehicle had lowered hull like recovery variants, but additional 10mm thick plates were welded  on its upper edges to protect the crew. The gun was installed on a special mount fixed on the hull floor. Due to limited space, the vehicle could carry just 15 shells.

LZ models bring a coversion to be used generally with Tamiya middle Hetzer kit, but it will also fit on Dragon or Academy kits - however correct type of wheels and tracks should be used then.

Test build images (late tool box in test images is not correct, and also gun should be mounted 2 mm more to the front - this is of course fixed for kit production. Test build shows resin shell mounts, while the production kit contains PE finely reproduced mounts with PE belts etc.) Like our previous Hetzer conversions, also this one contains full interior detail