1/35 German SSyl Koln platform wagon

1/35 German SSyl Koln platform wagon

highly detailed and accurate model

160  resin parts
152    PE parts
+ plastic parts and wires needed for assembly
decals for two wagons

assembly instructions on CD and download here:   Click


During WWII many Russian wagons of different types and age were captured and then used in German service.  Among them there were hundreds of four-axle almost new flatbeds and low - sided wagons. Some minor changes were made (German bogies - usually just axles with wheels replaced - if  not changed earlier already, couplings, often buffers and brake system) and then wagons suitable most for transport of military vehicles  left immediately the factory to head back to service. Besides of them also production of similar original German SSy wagon serie  was running.

In the kit are optional coupling holders - original Russian ones or small German ones. Two screw couplings are also included. Reference pictures show one of these wagons displayed in English museum, however this wagon has earlier Russian bogies with replaced original axles, also Russian coupler holder is noticeable in pictures, but the wagon markings in this case show a car which belonged to German DB rail company. Markings of Deutsche Reichsbahn were different, and they are included in the kit.