1/35 Upgrade set for BR52 locomotive


1/35 Upgrade set for BR52 locomotive

contains 100 resin parts + 10PE parts

now with PE hand wheels instead of resin ones!

assembly instructions also download here: click


This set is designed to upgrade Trumpeter or CMK BR52 locomotive kit. Our set contains mostly parts missing in these kits, and never released by any other aftermarket manufacturer

Interior parts: train and loco brakes, three way and other valves, high steam valve, sand regulator, speed meter, light cover, el. boxes and switch panel, grease pump Bosch

Outside parts:  brake line valves and regulators, steam and safety valves, whisle, sand valves, two and three way grease boxes, steam generator, electric sockets for lights, high lights, el. boxes

Spoked free axle wheels - optional