1/35 German G10 covered wagon

1/35 German G10 covered wagon

highly detailed and accurate model

180  resin parts
180    PE parts
+ plastic parts and wires needed for assembly
decals for three wagons (one in Allied service)

assembly instructions on CD and download here: click


This is one of the most known  and also infamous German wagons. With some changes of design produced in thousands pieces since 19th century, earlier with brake cab mounted up at roof level, later without it, these wagons were used widely in German rail service to transport goods and often animals as well. During the WWII they became an important part of any military train heading the battlefield, filled with supplies or soldiers, and they were also used to transport all enemies of the nation to  concentration camps. Here is one of these wagons, they could vary in small details, depending on manufacturer and year of production. Excellent build by Rick Lawler can be seen  here  

Today I have received one negative feedback to the subject he used for his build, personally I dont see anything wrong on it, every war is evil, many bad things were done in the past, are done recently and will be done in the future - but I dont know any modeller who would build his models to agree with these bad things. It is simply a hobby, no matter the subject chosen. Or what would be purpose of the Schindler´s list movie then? Hiding these things would not be right neither....