1/35 American M29C Weasel


1/35 American M29C Weasel

highly detailed and accurate model

345 resin parts  (clear resin front  light)

140 PE parts

+ plastic parts, printed clear foil instruments and wires needed for assembly
decals for four vehicles (two in British service)

assembly instructions on CD and download hereclick!


M29 weasel was a tracked vehicle developed and manufactured since 1943. Originally designated T24, it was standardized as Cargo Carrier M29 later in 1943, manufactured by Studebaker. During WWII the weasel was used in Italy early 1944 and later in Western Europe and in the Pacific. During the time, there were many changes in design. The first 2103 had 380 mm tracks, later version 510 mm. M29 had very low freeboard and really could sink when loaded with too much gear, or met with rough waters! Also it was near to impossible to control and very slow in the water. The result as an updated design including duel-ruddered controls, and large flotation pontoons fore & aft.                            

The C version was both factory produced and also made as a field-mod kit, so that existing M29's in use could be fitted for better water travel. The floats simply bolted on, and could be later removed if unneeded.