1/35 CMP Ford F15 and variants

1/35 CMP German DAK Ford F15 with 20mm Flak 30

highly detailed and accurate kit

Full plastic kit of Mirror Models Ford F15 (2x4 drive)

Superbly detailed Flak 30 with 40 resin and 40+ PE parts

decals for 2  vehicles

turned brass barrel, 5 ammo boxes



1/35 German Flak 30 gun

highly detailed and accurate kit

40 resin parts (clear lights) 

40 PE parts

3 ammo boxes, turned metal barrel,  wire for assembly

Assembly instructions on CD and download here:  click!









1/35  Italian 20mm Breda gun Mod.39

36  resin parts
50 PE parts, turned metal gun barrel
included 3 ammo boxes, 24 pieces of ammo
instructions and references on CD and download here:





F15 test build blog at MM website by Libor:  click!

F15 Italian variant with 20mm Breda at Mig Forum by Adam Kuller: click!

German Flak 30 WIP

20mm Italian Breda gun Mod.39 - work in progress. The gun will be available in a few days together with Italian variant of the F15 CMP Ford truck. As seen often in reference pictures, the vehicle will have 6 ammo boxes mounted just behind the cab, and also spare wheel. Additional ammo boxes will be provided in the kit together with detailed fuel cans and mountings.




1/35 CMP Ford F15



Canadian Military Pattern Ford F15 and variants, Italian version with Breda gun mounted, and German version with 30 Flak mounted, soon followed by some more variants......